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01 February 2022


The residents of Adelaide House have identified a no. of ways in which they can contribute to the cause.


Their commitments include:


  1. Recycle more

  2. Use less plastic

  3. Wash clothes on lower temperature

  4. Use airer to dry clothes not dryer

  5. Turn appliances / lights off when not in use / room

  6. Hold a monthly clothes swap

  7. Walk / cycle instead of public transport for short journeys

  8. Garden / grow more

  9. Shower instead of bath


They also suggested:

1. All women to be given a water bottle (as well as the mug they already receive) when they first arrive. When they present for meds, they must bring along their bottle instead of using a single use plastic cup. We could then stop purchasing these cups or only use them for visitors. This idea was implemented immediately.


2. Bikes. We have a no. of bikes in the garage (that I got funding for a few years ago). Think they were last serviced a couple of years back. These have only ever been used for group activities, but maybe we could allow the women to use these to attend appointments / for exercise and sign a disclaimer re: appropriate use / helmet etc. This could prevent the use of public transport for short journeys. As soon as the bikes are serviced, they will be used.


3. We could appoint a climate change champion among the resident group who could host a monthly clothes swap. The first clothes swap will take place on Monday 28th March





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